WARM Bible Study

Walking into the home, not knowing anyone, wondering if I was going to be welcomed or rejected.  Those were my feelings as I arrived at the WARM House Thursday night.  I met with 4 women and one staff member.  The TV and DVD did not work.  That did not stop us.  A DVD based Bible Study… I guess the Devil thought I would pack up and go home.  He was very wrong.

We spent some time getting organized.  I handed out notebooks, folders, workbooks, and Bibles.  The women were so excited that they were able to keep the Bibles.  I told them to go ahead and write in them, hi-light, whatever they want!  Just open them and use them!  It was a great moment.

Next, we spent time talking, getting to know each other.  We shared a bit about ourselves, what we like to do if we had spare time, and our background concerning God and the church.  It was a wonderful time to just listen.

I was welcomed!  The women were excited, nervous, and anxious to begin this study.  I think they were feeling the same feelings I was feeling!  They thanked me over and over for taking time to share Jesus with them!

At closing, we prayed together.  We shared petitions and praises and talked with God.

What a beautiful evening it was!  Today, my husband and I went to the home and got the TV/DVD situation straightened out.  This Thursday we shouldn’t have any technical difficulties!  I can’t wait to go back and sit with my new friends!

Thank you Jesus for this opportunity.


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