You Are Missed

To My Father-in-law,

So many things I have learned from you over the years.  Your optimistic outlook on all situations was a foundation of who you are.  You always saw the positive and always had inspiring words of encouragement to share, regardless of the situation.  Lending a hand was your specialty, even from 7 hours away!  From oil changes, to brake pads, to fan and light fixtures, to doors and insulation, you were ready and willing with a smile and a tool bag.  Moving 4 times with us didn’t deter you.  You arrived ready to carry the BIG STUFF and worked until the job was complete.

You taught us the importance of saving for the future, counseled us on investments and IRAs, and helped us set up college funds for the children.  You did all of this gently and with a humbleness that leaves me in awe.

You left an immense impact on our children.  You never declined a play time.  Horsing around, people watching at Panera’s, and walks through the neighborhood with the kids and the dog are some of their favorite memories.  You engaged them in a way only a Pop Pop can.

You have given me and our family so many memories, so many gifts, so many opportunities.  However, the greatest gift you have given me, your daughter-in-law, is the gift of my husband.  You raised a man who knows how to love and cherish his wife and family.  You taught him how to provide for us in a hard-working and humble way.  You showed him how to take care of our house and our cars.  You have given me my family and for that, I cannot thank you enough.  Your life will live on through my husband and my children.  Your lessons will be passed on to them.  Your gentle, humble, optimistic character will be a part of them.  They will know you because they are part of you.

Thank you Dad for the impact you have left on our lives.  While we will miss you everyday, we find peace in knowing that we will one day meet again.  Until them…

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  – John 3:16

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. – 2 Timothy 4:7


3 thoughts on “You Are Missed

  1. Janet says:

    Always remembering that some leave imprints on our hearts that never leave us! Very sorry for your loss….praying God has placed His healing hand on all your hearts!

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