Acts 13-14 – What About You?

What about you?  Were you part of God’s plan from the beginning of time?  Did God have you in mind in The Garden of Eden?

God created our world and He had the plan of salvation for it long before Jesus walked the earth.  Long before sin entered the world.  God knew Adam and Eve would fall and He knew that humanity would need a plan of salvation.  A plan that wouldn’t fail.  A plan that could save anyone who wanted to be saved.

Adam and Eve did what God told them not to. Because of that first sinful act, God told the serpent, the devil, that one day a child of Eve would destroy him.  All of humanity are included in Eve’s descendants.  Centuries later, a faithful man named Abraham was blessed by God.  Hi descendants were as many as the stars and those descendants were the Jews.  Jesus was one of those descendants.  He promised salvation to ALL who believed in him, not just the Jews.  He told his followers to make disciples of all nations.

The Christian Church started in Jerusalem with a small group of ethnically similar believers.  Through Jesus’ witnesses, this small group of believers, Christianity has spread like wildfire and now is seen all over the world!

There are no prerequisites for becoming a Christian.  You do not first need to have been a Jew.  You do not need to follow ethnic laws before you are accepted.  Jesus accepts all of us!  We just need to believe that He was sent to earth for us, for our sins, for our salvation!  Because of this ultimate sacrifice, we must do our best to follow in Jesus’ example and stay away from evil.  We must try to be a light to others and to show them how to be a follower of Jesus.

We must be like Paul and Barnabas and spread the Good News to all corners of the world.   How can you do this in your family?  How can you do this in your community?  How can reach beyond your community and spread the Good News?

Saturday – Chapter 13
Sunday – Chapter 14
Monday – Reflection
Tuesday – Praises & Petitions


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