Praises & Petitions Week 4

Can you believe we are finishing up week 4 of our New Testament study together?  I can’t!  January is almost over and it has surely been a whirlwind of a month.  I live in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.  The past few weeks we have had temperatures close to zero and wind chills about 15 below.  This is not typical for our area, so it’s been quite a frenzy of how to handle it all.  I’m not sure what the fuss is, really.  It’s cold, really cold.  So, bundle up in layers and continue on with your activities.  However, city and county schools have been closed, or delayed for just about the entire month.  (Not my school, thankfully!)  I feel bad for the students and teachers.  There is no way to teach or plan when you don’t know when you will be in school or for how long.  The thing that really gets me is if you delay one or two hours for cold weather, it only bring the temps up about 4 degrees if you are lucky.  From zero to 4, (or sub 12 to sub 8), does that really help that much?  I can’t figure it out!

My class is celebrating the 100th day of school Thursday.  100 days of kindergarten!  This is something I am thankful for.  I am truly thankful to God for leading me to this position as the first kindergarten teacher in this school.  It has been such a blessing in so many ways.  We are busy this week doing everything in hundreds!  For example, drawing pictures with 100 things in them,  doing 100 warm up stretches in PE, making paper chains with 100 links, writing about “I could eat 100…”, bringing in 100 of something, etc.  We are having so much fun this week, I really hope we don’t have any closings in our school before our big day.  The children are so excited and so am I!

I am also thankful for a new opportunity that I am embarking on.  I think I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago.  My husband and I are starting up a Youth Ministry Group in our church with a few other members.  We met last night and everything is falling nicely into place.  Our kickoff event is scheduled for mid-February.  Please keep this very new ministry in your prayers as we take baby steps forward!

Finally, I would like to know what you need prayers for.  I pray for  you all daily, however, if you have any specific needs, please let me know.

I hope you have a wonderful week and are able to stay warm!

Blessings, my friends!


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