Mark 16 – The Resurrection

Such a short chapter, yet filled with the promises of eternal life.  I can’t help trying to imagine what I would be thinking if I were one of the 3 women who journeyed to Jesus’ tomb in order to rub burial spices on his body.  Thinking back into the chapters we have read over the past few weeks, Jesus does speak of his resurrection, however he speaks of it in ways that are difficult to understand before it happens.  So, his closest friends are not expecting this at all.

Did they believe the angel? Did they think he was removed by someone?  Were they frightened?  I am sure all of these thoughts ran through their mind.  I’m not sure what I would have done.  I feel like I would have wanted to plant myself right inside the tomb on a big rock and have a cup of tea with the angel so he could explain it all to me in detail!  Probably not practical, but that is what is in my head!

As a mom who has lost a son, oh I would celebrate this day!  I am sure Mary, Jesus’ mother was dancing and crying happy tears!  It is what I think every mother who has lost a child prays for.  The miracle of one more day, another chance.  Maybe somewhere in her heart she knew.  Maybe Jesus shared some private moments with his mom before he was crucified.  We don’t really know.  I like to imagine he said to her before his betrayal, “Mom, they are going to do awful and horrible things to me.  They are going to hang me on a cross and kill me.  But don’t worry mom.  Remember how I was conceived.  I am of the Holy Spirit.  I will be back by Sunday, you can count on it!  Oh, and can you make my favorite supper Sunday?”  (Then a big hug!)  Those private moments aren’t written in the Gospels, but we have to remember that Jesus did have private moments.  We read mostly about his public moments, miraculous moments, mission and ministry moments.  There are so many moments that we don’t know about.

If you were a follower and believer in Jesus during this time, after Jesus was crucified you would probably go into hiding, like the disciples did.  I mean, you followed the very person that they just killed!  And they killed him for what he was preaching, which is what you are also preaching.  Laying low is a good move I would say.  So, in hiding, all of a sudden, Jesus appears to you.  And he is ALIVE!  Would that re-energize you?  Would it take away your fears?  Would it make you want to run outside and share the GOOD NEWS?  I think it would feel like that for me!  I think I would lost my fear of death and gain confidence to do exactly what Jesus trained me for.

So, what did you think of The Book of Mark?  Did you look at anything differently this time through?  Tomorrow we begin Acts of the Apostles.  I will post a separate, new post tomorrow introducing Acts with a little background information for you.

Wednesday – Mark 16
Thursday – Acts 1
Friday – Acts 2
Saturday – Acts 3
Sunday – Acts 4
Monday – Reflection
Tuesday – Praises & Petitions


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