Praises & Petitions Week 2

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are finding peace in the readings of Mark.  I have been enjoying the stories with a new perspective!  Today is all about prayer.  Share with us your praises of the week and also any needs you may have right now.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for my husband.  He works hard every single day to provide for us and never complains.  He helps out with the house and the children whenever he is able and he is just so good to me and our children.  I can only hope and pray that one day, our girls will find a husband as good as their dad!  Thank you God for my husband.  Please keep him safe as he will soon be traveling to a conference.  You know my anxieties when my husband travels. Please help me to trust in you while he is away.

Also Lord, bring peace to our pastor’s family.  They have recently lost a family member and are grieving.  Help us minister to them as they minister to so many others everyday.

Thank you Lord for all of your blessings that you pour out onto us everyday.



4 thoughts on “Praises & Petitions Week 2

  1. Pat Cuomo says:

    You always leave me speechless. Love you and all that you do to spiritually uplift our family and the many families around us!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am so thankful for my loving husband and son. Our family has really started to all put God first and make time together a priority. O Loving Father, you have blessed me with the security of a loving husband and son. I give you praise for all the people that you put into my life. This week I am so very thankful for the youth that you have placed under our care. Their fire for you and wanting to give every part of their lives over to you is amazing and challenging. I pray that as their pastor I can guide them, encourage them and be a living example of you. Lord, I want to pray for myself. I am struggling in getting my blood pressure to a normal range. Help me to make the choices that will make the meds work and ease the stress that Andrew is feeling by my health concerns. Thank you Lord, for Erin and her love and obedience to you. Amen!

  3. emcuomo says:

    Stephanie – Thank you for sharing your praises and petitions. I will keep your concerns in my prayers as well. Your youth are lucky to have you to lead and guide them. I am so glad we are taking this bible reading journey together. Blessings friend.

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