Mark 3-5

So, we are mid-way through our first week of reading the NT.  How is it going?  I am really enjoying the chance to dig deep and take my time thinking about all of these stories.  I just can’t stop thinking of what it might have been like to be alive when Jesus walked the earth.  It is a bit mind boggling!

Chapters 3 – 5 in The Book of Mark give us a glimpse into Jesus crazy, non-private life.  Everywhere he went he was surrounded by crowds who just wanted to attempt to touch the edge of his coat.  He would take off on a boat to find another crowd at the other side waiting for him.  Other boats would follow him as well.  While I am sure this was extremely exhausting and trying for Jesus, he never became angry with the people.  He healed many, cast out demons and shared stories and lessons with whomever would listen.  In private, he would explain the stories or parables to his disciples so they could understand the deeper meaning.

Many people were drawn to Jesus and his powers.  Many others were waiting for him to do something against the law so they could arrest him or kill him.  They did not like him and were frightened by what he was doing and by how he was teaching.  He knew that his parables would be lost to these people who were listening to him but not really hearing the deeper meanings.  This is why he spoke in parables.

Jesus often said these words as he healed or cast out demons:  “Your faith has made you well.”  Think about that for a moment.  Did Jesus do the healing with his hands or did the faith of the ill heal in itself with the Holy Spirit?  Wow!  I believe that Jesus performed these miracles, and later his disciples as well, to show that the Holy Spirit is capable of anything with faith.  However, it is important to understand that just because you WANT something does not mean you will get it if you have faith.  God still operates on His Will, not ours.

Faith is accepting and glorifying God when things go your way and also when they don’t.  It is knowing that the power exists, but understanding an accepting that it may or may not be used in any given situation.  Faith is putting yourself out there on the front lines for God everyday no matter what.

It’s easy to have faith and proclaim it when life is good.  It is a lot harder to have faith and proclaim it when life is hard.  And, life is hard sometimes.  However, if you cling to your faith in those hard times and you don’t give up, it is just that faith that will pull you through to see the light of tomorrow.

Can you share with us a time when you held tight to your faith even though everything around you was falling apart?  Can you share a time when you didn’t hold tight to your faith and you wish you did?

My faith story began when my son died of cancer.  I could have turned my back on God.  I could have been angry and I could have given up.  However, I tightened my grip on God.  I strengthened my faith so that I could get up in the morning.  I strengthened my faith so that I could take care of my daughter and my husband.  I strengthened my faith so that I could find peace in the truth that my son is in heaven and we would one day be reunited.

It’s been over 7 years and my faith still grows.  My heart still hurts.  My entire being is pierced when I look at a photo of his gorgeous eyes that go right through me.  But, I do have peace.  I have peace because I have faith.

Blessings to you my friends!  Spend Monday in reflection and we will meet back here on Tuesday for Praises and Petitions.  Don’t forget to comment!  I’d love to hear from you and see how it is going.


4 thoughts on “Mark 3-5

  1. Stephanie says:

    I am trying to pinpoint a time when I held tightly to my faith and no particular moment comes to mind. I know that over the last 8 years in ministry, there has been lots of time that my faith has gotten me through some stressful times, but it is really only the last year that I have really focused and grown in my faith journey. I am amazed of what God has done in my life so far when I have only been partially committed to him and I get goose-bumps when I think of all the possibilities for the future now that I have centred my life on him and him alone.

    Thanks for sharing, Erin. I love the way these chapters show the hectic, public life that Jesus lead, but also there are the verses in there where he takes time alone with God, and finds time to rest. I think these are very important lessons for me.

    I am reading Mark with new eyes and am leading much that I did not know. Can’t wait to continue.
    Much blessings.

    • emcuomo says:

      Thank you Stephanie for sharing your thoughts and reflections. I too love how Jesus finds moments to pray to God, away from the craziness. It is a wonderful reminder for us today in this ever so busy world we live in. Sometimes, when I read the bible, I think that life back then really wasn’t that much different than it is now. We have much to learn! So glad we are doing this together!

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