Week 1 – Mark

Well, are you ready to begin this journey with me?  By the end of this calendar year, we will have gone through the entire New Testament.  Doesn’t that sound awesome!

We begin our journey in The Book of Mark.  Do you know anything about Mark?  Yes, he wrote one of the gospels, but what else do we know about him.  I have a bible that introduces each book and also shares short stories of today that can relate a bit to the bible stories/chapters.  I love it!  It helps make sense of what I am reading.  I have learned from the introduction on The Book of Mark that Mark was in on the action from the beginning.  He was very close friends with people who were instrumental in the very early days of the Christian Church.  He hung around Peter, Paul and Barnabas.  He accompanied them on journeys, listened to their stories and accounts of situations, and he recorded it all for us!  He was an assistant of sorts in the beginning, but moved into missionary work as he learned from his friends and was called to do so.

He was anxious to share Jesus’ story.  He has organized his book not necessarily chronologically, but by grouping similar events together to help us gain a clearer picture.  Mark’s gospel was the first written and it was perhaps written as a teaching tool for people who wanted to learn more about Jesus.

Mark’s gospel is broken up into three sections.

  • Jesus’ Ministry Begins (1-6)
  • Jesus’ Teachings (7-10)
  • The Last Week (11-16)

This first week of our study/readings, we will read chapters 1-5.  Here is the schedule for you to follow, which you can also find in the link for The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading.

January 1 – Chapter 1
January 2 – Chapter 2
January 3 – Chapter 3
January 4 – Chapter 4
January 5 – Chapter 5
January 6 – Reflection
January 7 – Praises & Petitions

I would love for you to share your thoughts, questions, ideas, etc in the comments section of this blog after you read each day.  Occasionally, I will pose some questions as well.  Feel free to answer each other’s questions too.  I’d love for this to be interactive!

As we close up 2013, I pray for all of you to have positive spiritual growth as we journey together.  Thank you for embarking on this journey with me.



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