2 Kings 4 – Wasted Faith

2 Kings 4

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.     ~ Romans 8:28 NIV84

How many times in your life have you prayed for something, big or small, to have it not happen the way you wanted?  Maybe it was as simple as finding a lost item, or as complicated as repairing a broken relationship, or as miraculous as healing someone on their death bed.  Have you bargained with God?  If only, then I will…. or take me instead….. I have.

When I read the story on 2 Kings chapter 4 in the book Greater by Pastor Steven Furtick, at first I was astonished that the bible should depict a story of a faithful woman losing her son.  The son she didn’t ask for but was a gift from God in her later years.  I found it amazing that from the perspective of Greater, Elisha the prophet had a servant lay his staff on the child and the child remained dead.  Pastor Furtick used this part of the story to show that our prayers are not always answered in the way we want and they are not always heard in the way we ask them.

However, when I opened my bible to read 2 Kings 4, I realized that once Elisha arrived at the scene, he did indeed revive the boy.  As wonderful as this is, it made me mad.  (Yes, I am admitting these horrible feelings.) A miracle should not make me mad, but in the context of what was in my book verses what is in the bible, it did make me mad.

You see, when my son was sick with cancer, I prayed.  I begged.  I bargained. I would have done anything to keep him alive, including dying myself.  Most parents would.  I remember sitting at my kitchen table with my pastor just a couple of days after Louis died and asking him, “Why are there so many accounts of God bringing people back to life in the bible, but he couldn’t bring my son back to life?”  Honest, raw question from a newly grieving mother.

I have spent the past 6 1/2 years learning.  Learning more about God.  Learning more about the bible.  Learning more about myself and my relationship with God.  And as I learn more, I question less.  As I learn more, I ask for less.  This balance, this relationship, is built on faith.  A faith that does not require Why’s and I Don’t Understand’s.  A faith that just accepts.

I don’t know why my son got cancer.  I don’t know why he died.  I don’t know why God didn’t bring him back to life for me.  But I have stopped asking those questions.  I don’t doubt that He could, I just don’t need to know the answer.  As much as I don’t like the situation, it is not about me.  I can’t see the whole picture, but I need to trust the one who can.

God is the almighty Creator.  He never leaves us.  When things get difficult in our lives, we are the ones who walk away from Him.  If we remain steadfast in our faith, especially through the most trying times, we will reap His rewards now and in heaven.

Wasted faith?  I think not.  It is those times when we feel the most lost, the most out of touch, the most like God has forgotten us that we must remain faithful.  God sees the whole plan and He will see us through, always.


21 thoughts on “2 Kings 4 – Wasted Faith

    • emcuomo says:

      Nicki – No faith problems are meaningless, especially to God. Faith is faith my friend. Whether questioning it over a job loss, a death, a broken relationship, a disappointment…. doesn’t matter. These situations all bring up fear, anger, resentment and sadness. It is how we decide to handle these feelings that matters. I try to handle them with faith and God first. When I am successful in this, God takes care of the rest for me! 🙂 Love you Nicki!

  1. Jennifer N (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Oh Erin​​!! Wow. The grief, pain, and yes anger you must have felt. When we had some life threatening things pop up around here, I felt similar To what you did. The questions. The raw emotions. Bless you girl!

  2. shecat125 says:


    You must have some strong faith to stay close to God thru this. I can not even imagine losing a child, watching him/her suffer and still grab onto God like a life vest.
    Bless you and your AMAZING faith – doesn’t sound to me like any was wasted.


    • emcuomo says:

      I know one day I will be reunited with my son and we will live with Jesus together! It is that day I look forward to! My son is pain free and knows not the boundaries of time. I wish I were there already! What seems like forever for me is just the blink of an eye for him. God carries me when I am weak and walks next to me when I am strong. I am never alone.

    • emcuomo says:

      And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

      Yes, I have clung to the entire bible since my son’s death. It is my life line!

  3. Bridgit says:

    How easy it is for me to forget that God sees the whole plan and will see us through. My Mommies heart reaches out to yours. I can’t imagine the grief and sorrow you have journeyed through. I don’t see any wasted faith on your end. Just a woman after God’s own heart. Merry Christmas~b

    • emcuomo says:

      Thank you Bridgit. I never felt my faith was wasted either. There have been plenty of times when God’s plan differed from mine, but I never questioned my faith.

  4. Nichole Wolland says:

    Wow, like others have said, I can’t imagine what you have gone through. It is so wonderful to see how you have grown closer to God through such a horrible tragedy. Thanks for being so open and honest & sharing your heart. ❤

  5. Sue Molitor (OBS Leader) says:

    Erin, What a horrible thing to go through and I am very sorry for your loss. Those are very real and honest questions. Ones I think we all have. “God sees the whole plan and He will see us through, always.” Very true…He knows things we don’t know. Thank you so much for sharing. Love, Sue

  6. debkirk3 says:

    So well said. We lost our daughter to a terminal muscle disease, and we had the same questions. I totally believed He was able to completely heal our daughter, and I just couldn’t understand why He didn’t. Then, just like you, as we pressed in to God and allowed Him to hold us and comfort us we began to trust that He has our lives in His hands. I just have to have faith that the creator of all things has every detail of my life in His hands. I don’t know my story from beginning to end, but He does and that’s okay.

  7. prince26155 says:

    I’ve prayed some of these prayers too. I’ve also had them go unfulfilled. The last one involved my only brother. He had cancer. He had successful surgery, or it seemed so. He want for all the test after. They were all good. He past his 5 year mark. Then something happened. The cancer came back. A test result didn’t get reported and then it was too late. He went through all the experimental treatments. I prayed and prayed. I wasn’t ready to lose him. I was still a licensed nurse at the time, so I got to take care of him his last couple of weeks. But, when he died, I was devastated. I ask God all those questions. One night, as I was praying, God reminded me of something. Dale wasn’t dead. He just wasn’t here. He is with his loving Father with a body that is complete and perfect. A body that will never die, never feel pain, never sorrow. And, I will see him again one day. We have a hope that is beyond this world. We must be secure in that blessed Hope.

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